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AGA City League 2013

Santa Clara, CA

1: Yan Chen (Captain)

  • Pandanet account: [ ]
  • Rank: 3 kyu

Eric Lui

2: Eric Lui

  • Pandanet account: heisenberg
  • Go career: Eric Lui achieved amateur one dan at the age of 6. He first represented the US internationally in Seoul, Korea one year later. To date, he has had about a dozen international representations to the World Youth Go Championship, WAGC, Korean Prime Minister Cup, World Student Go Oza, Pair Go, and the Samsung Cup. Eric's most notable Go accolades include the highest-ever US finish in the 2011 WAGC (3rd place), and runner-up in the 2010 North American Ing Masters Tournament. Eric currently lives in Maryland.
  • Rank: 1 dan professional

3: Patrick Wang

  • Pandanet account: darkwoods
  • Rank: 11 kyu

4: Lucas Zheng

  • Pandanet account: ljz
  • Rank: 12 kyu

5: Jerilyn Zheng

  • Pandanet account: jjz
  • Rank: 12 kyu