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AGA City League 2019


1: Devin Fraze (Captain)

  • Pandanet account: Quinn
  • Go career: Youth Director at US Go Congress, Full-Time Go Organizer. He learned the game while bicycling and hitch hiking around the US learning from each towns local clubs. Devin has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness known as GoMania. It's a life-long illness that causes him to relentlessly organize Go events. There is no known cure, but lab tests have shown that stretching, sunlight, and friendship have positive health effects that allow Devin to organize even more Go!
  • Rank: 1 kyu

2: Feifan (Tom) Jia

  • Pandanet account: TOOOOOOM
  • Go career: Learned Go in China and is now a student at THE Ohio State University. The Columbus team is unsure as to the true identity of Tom and it is suspected that he may actually be AlphaGo and is simply holding back to make us feel better. Either that... or he's a cyborg from the future!
  • Rank: 4 dan

3: Craig Nelson

  • Pandanet account: cnel
  • Go career: Craig started playing go in 2006 at UMBC and the Baltimore Go Club. It was at that time he met his eternal rival, Patrick Allen. Craig has played off and on since then, striving to best his rival while only managing to stay neck and neck. Since moving to Columbus, OH, he has become a cornerstone of the Go Club. (AGA/CIA intel has confirmed with certainty that Craig is 100% definitely maybe a Cyborg)
  • Rank: 3 dan

4: Patrick Allen

  • Pandanet account: PJA
  • Go career: Patrick also started playing go in 2006 at UMBC at the experimental Go Player breeding facilities. In an attempt to match his eternal rival Craig, he too began to play less regularly. In the meantime, Patrick "Time" Allen played Starcraft II professionally and also became a beefy rock climber! He began playing go again regularly after moving to Columbus to join the top-secret cyborg Go-player experiments.
  • Rank: 3 dan

5: Dajiang He

  • Pandanet account: minghuo
  • Go career: A beloved local weiqi organizer, Dajiang has played weiqi on and off for well over 40 years. His achievements include 4th place in Wuhan University Weiqi tournament for school Employees and two time Champions of Columbus Go Tournament. He may or may-not be the one creating all the cyborgs.
  • Rank: 1 dan