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AGA City League 2017


1: Mark Rubenstein (Captain)

  • Pandanet account: easyaspi
  • Go career: Mark has been playing go for over 20 years, and is AGA 4k. He is the co-founder and president of the Evanston Go Club, which has been meeting every week for 20 years, and has hosted quarterly tournaments for the same amount of time. Mark has taught hundreds of people to play go at many events, such as Anime Central, various Japan Festivals, and school programs. He is currently studying with In-seong Hwang. Mark builds custom databases for a living, and is interested in interface design, technology and music.
  • Rank: 4 kyu

2: Liqun Liu

  • Pandanet account: Dukellq
  • Rank: 7 dan

3: Albert Yen

  • Pandanet account: lsugyen
  • Go career: Albert Yen is a junior in high school. Inspired by Hikaru no Go, he started playing go at the age of five in Taiwan. He is currently AGA 7d and an participates in many tournaments. Most notably, he has represented the US to the 31st World Youth Goe Championship in 2014 and won the Redmond Cup in 2015. Besides go, Albert enjoys track and field.
  • Rank: 7 dan

4: Xing Chen

  • Pandanet account: magnetism
  • Go career: He began to learn go after entering university and is currently a LLM student in John Marshall Law School in Chicago.
  • Rank: 6 dan