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AGA City League 2016

Washington DC 1

1: Keiju Takehara (Captain)

  • Pandanet account: CHANGEME
  • Rank: 2 dan

Elaine Jiang

2: Elaine Jiang

  • Pandanet account: oreo1215
  • Rank: 7 dan

Justin Teng

3: Justin Teng

  • Pandanet account: odnihs
  • Go career: I started playing Go towards the end of 2007 at the age of 12 after reading Hikaru no Go. As I got more involved with the game, I also started clubs, organized and ran tournaments, streamed Go online, and taught many people Go. To me, the best part about Go is making lots of friends and challenging myself to become better.
  • Rank: 6 dan

Joshua Lee

4: Joshua Lee

  • Pandanet account: Starstorm2
  • Go career: I started playing Go back in 2005 in Miami, Florida. While going to Orlando for college, I founded the Orlando Go Tournament in 2006, and it continues to this day to be Florida's largest. Since moving to DC in 2010, I've competed in numerous tournaments locally, generally placing well in the high dan division. At the US Go Congress, I was able to compete in the 2014 Masters Division, and I also achieved a 3-3 record at the 2015 Go Congress in the 6-7 dan division. Currently, I take weekly lessons with In-Seong Hwang at the Yunguseng Dojang.
  • Rank: 6 dan

Saki Fujita

5: Saki Fujita

  • Pandanet account: sakiig0
  • Go career: My Pandanet username is sakiig0. I have been playing Go for 14 years, at the “Ryokusei" Go class in Japan. I have competed in a number of tournaments both regional and national—my most notable achievements are 1st place in the High School Girls Tokyo tournament (2012, 2013) and 4th place in the High School Girls National tournament (2012). In 9th grade, I started a Go class at my school and taught Go to my peers for a semester. My goal in America is to be a good contributor to the Go community here, spread Go to more people at Johns Hopkins, and hopefully win a couple of tournaments on my own!
  • Rank: 5 dan