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PGETC Finals in EGC 2023 Markkleeberg

The 13th Pandanet Go European Team Championship Finals between the four best teams in League A will be played on Friday and Saturday 21st and 22nd July 2023. These games are placed on the European Go Congress 2023 site Rudolf-Hildebrand-Schule in Markkleeberg, Germany.


Opening on Friday, 10:15 CEST
Round 1 – Friday, 21st July, 10:30 CEST

Czechia – Ukraine, Israel – France

Round 2 – Friday, 21st July, 15:30 CEST

Ukraine – Israel, France – Czechia

Round 3 – Saturday, 22nd July, 10:30 CEST

Ukraine – France, Czechia – Israel

Pricegiving on Saturday evening during the European Go Congress Opening Session

Tournament Mode:

- 3 rounds round-robin, Japanese rules (6.5 Komi), Fischer time control 45 min basic and 20 s increment
- First named team in the pairings gets black on boards 1 and 3
- Final order: Match-points, Board-points, Order after League A online-rounds