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New installment of GoPanda2 ready for testing!

Aside from a ton of bugfixes and new features, we also moved away from java as the supporting technology. The new client handles like a native app, and doesn’t rely on any specific browser being installed anymore. There will be a no installation, web-only version too but we have to do some preparatory work before we get there.

To use the new client, just download the archive for your system, extract it to a destination of your choice, and run GoPanda2.
You can find them here:
| Windows | Macintosh | Linux 32 Bit | Linux 64 Bit |

This client downloads updates automatically, but we don’t have the manpower to test this and the other new features properly. Please tell us if you run into problems, and as always, mail your criticism, ideas and suggestions to us:
Thanks, and we hope you enjoy using the new and improved client!